Saturday, June 25, 2011

The 'happiness' has different meanings

It was 18:40 when I left my house in a hurry. I was supposed to catch the bus from 18:44, but suddenly my friend called me to tell that she has mistakenly told me wrong address. She made sure we are going to the same-new direction together. Then, I had to hurry up, because there was a bus in 2 minutes earlier. I had to run in order to catch it. I was there. It didn’t come on time. It had a three minutes delay and that bothered me. The other bus I wasn’t really expecting for just arrived at the bus station. I had to step in, so I would make sure the girl wasn’t waiting too long for me. After the doors have been closed, the bus I needed popped up.

At the next stop I had switched busses, because I would arrive earlier with the bus behind. I guess I was designed to have bad luck that day. A traffic jam just occurred on the street where usually they don’t exist. My six minutes travel turned into a 15 minutes long trip and I was pissed off. Many policemen were checking the documents of the pedestrians and also managing the traffic. I was nervous I couldn’t get on time.

Being bored and waiting to get to my destination, I turn my head to the right. I’ve seen two young men sitting next to each other. They were holding hands. For a minute I wasn’t sure about that. But I was right. I wasn’t shocked, but was just a little bit surprised that, in a small, conservative town in southern Germany, the gay people would not be afraid to show their love in public. And I don’t have a problem with that. The thing is that there are still people who won’t accept that and would judge them instead of trying to questioning themselves and trying to understand. The other day I’ve seen two girls kissing and the older people who were around were very surprised to see that.

Are we talking about a liberal European society where the people do whatever they want in order to be happy, or we are still lurking from behind from the society? Are we ready yet to be mindless of what other people do and trying not to judge the others, but look at ourselves? What’s the best thing to do? Everyone deserves to be happy and for each person happiness has a different meaning. What does happiness mean to you?

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