Friday, August 5, 2011

Freedom of press - freedom of writing whatever we want?

What is independent press? Are we living in the era of freedom of press yet? Can we talk about no-bias when listening to a report due to multiple media resources available? Can concurrence be an important factor in developing better researched reports and investigations?

Despite of the fact that nowadays there are lots of sources of information, we should be still careful about what we read, watch or listen. It is so easy to manipulate a person who is not well informed! Choosing the right source it’s quite hard. But which is the right one? Of course, the one which presents the information the way it is, with no other additional inputs to the report itself. There are journalists who will always add some spicy stuff in order to make their story more attractive.

In order to make a distinction between a trustworthy channel and a bias one, we should pay attention to its age – The New York Times’ example which existed since 1851. The reputation of the journalists working for that publication is another important aspect. If the reporters haven’t been accused of plagiarism or misinformation since their career, we could consider the feature as an important asset towards a trustier news-teller.

Of course, one cannot judge a whole personality of a journalist if he or she has registered some minor mistakes. These can result from wrong information given by the source or it might be a lack of sufficient research. The biggest mistakes are considered those presenting totally wrong information which directly affects someone.

Living in the era of technology makes our life easier in terms of accessing the news, and a bit more complicated when it comes to sorting and filtering the news by choosing the correct ones. Some bloggers can be valuable sources of information, while some news websites which pretend to offer news might be the “bad guys” who are inventing news in order to reach the highest rank on readers/viewers top on a daily base.

How do you select the sources you’re getting informed from?

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