Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Moldovan flights are very expensive

Moldova has one of the most expensive airlines networks in Europe. There are 13 airlines that are operating in Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, the only international airport.

Air Moldova is the airline that makes most of the flights from Moldova to other parts of the world. Almost 50 percent of the flights belong to them. Air Moldova is being a very expensive airline comparing to other airlines from Europe.

Moldova has never had low cost companies. In this way, the Moldovan airport loses its passengers. Most of those who have to travel a long way would rather prefer to fly from Bucharest, Romania or Kiev, Ukraine in order to fly cheaper. The airport doesn't attract any other airlines because of a bad runaway infrastructure.

In Moldova operate 13 airlines: Air Moldova, Moldavian Airlines, Austrian Airlines, CarpatAir, AirBaltic, Turkish Airlines, Tandem Aero, Siberia Airlines, Malev, Tarom, Meridiana, Lufthansa, and AtlasJet.

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