Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Romanians are rallying against their government

More than 30.000 people have gathered today in the Romania’s capital Bucharest to protest the austerity measures applied by the Romanian government. The parliament is having a motion of no-confidence today. The Social Democratic Party (PSD) wants the government to resign. They organized a massive movement of the people from around the country to rally against their government today, during the motion of no-confidence. Tens of buses were entering Bucharest by 9 AM. The traffic is partly blocked in the Romanian capital. A couple hundred peace officers have surrounded the Parliament, keeping the people away from the building. The protesters are still gathering at this time.

Teachers, students, policemen, doctors, nurses, and many other employees from all around the country rally at this time in Bucharest. They are dissatisfied about the wage cut of 25% from their salaries. Many other people lost their jobs. The taxes have increased from 19% to 24% due to the austerity measures.

The Romanian prime-minister, Emil Boc is having a speech at this time (1 PM – Romanian Time).

“Romania is currently living a tough economic crisis. I understand the people’s revolt, because their salaries have decreased and others have lost their jobs. The people have the right to be upset, but they also have the right to know the truth,” Emil Boc said.

According to Antena 3, a Romanian TV Station, a team of journalists were trying to enter the parliament during the debate, but some security guards didn’t let them enter.

UPDATE 4 The motion of no-confidence set up by the opposition parties was rejected. The current Romanian government will continue its activity.

UPDATE 3 Twelve people were arrested by the policemen.

UPDATE 2 Two men were injured during the wrangle between the security guardians and the protesters.

UPDATE 1 More people tried to break the chain of soldiers. The protest is secured at the moment, because more security guardians were brought at the demonstration.

Pictures courtesy:, ProTV

This is a developing story. More updates will be provided during the day.

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