Thursday, August 12, 2010

The emigration is an alarming process for Moldova

The Moldovans are eager to emigrate to other countries. According to a research made by Magenta Consulting, 70 percent of the Moldovans would go with pleasure to other countries.

16 percent of them would emigrate to work, 17 percent would go to other countries temporarily, 9 out of 100 would like to study abroad, and only three of them would choose to travel as a tourist. Many of the students from Moldova believe that the studies from other European Union countries or from the United States are better, and give them a better chance to find a job after they graduate.

Most of the people who are more likely to work abroad are attracted by better salaries, better conditions of work and living. Russia is the most wanted destination of the Moldovans. Over 500,000 citizens of Moldova are working in Russia, especially in the city of Moscow. Other destinations preferred by them are Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Turkey.

The number of those who emigrate to other countries is increasing. The Moldovan government has a fear that the population of Moldova will decrease and it will have to deal with an old population.

The research was made on 1,400 respondents from twenty four urban areas. The age of the participants is 15+.

Image courtesy: TechCentral

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Doinitsa said...

and a lot of students choose Romania!