Friday, August 20, 2010

Moldova is called to the Referendum

The citizens of Moldova are being asked to vote on a Constitutional Referendum, which will be held on September 5. They will have to vote FOR or AGAINST modification of Article 78 in the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova. This article proposes the election of the president of the country directly by the citizens, and not by the parliament.

Over one million Moldovan citizens work abroad. They will have the chance to vote in one of 79 voting sections that will be opened in the countries with the biggest communities of Moldovans. In the United States of America, four voting sections will be opened: in New York City, Washington DC, Sacramento, California, and Hickory, North Carolina.

Moldova is having a Constitutional Referendum after the parliament’s second unsuccessful attempt during one year to elect the president. The ruling parties asked for a referendum that, in their opinion, will unblock the situation. If the result of the referendum is FOR, there will be presidential elections held for the first time in Moldova’s history in November this year.

Moldova’s current acting president, Mihai Ghimpu, the leader of the Liberal Party, is the leader of the parliament and by the time the president will be elected, he will have the power.

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