Saturday, March 14, 2009

National Honors Society gives hope to everybody

National Honor Society Convention (NHS) took place at University of Maine in Orono on March 12th -13th. There participated the members of some high schools from the State of Maine. Mrs. Dotty Peters, an English teacher at Mountain Valley High School, is the main coordinator of NHS for the State of Maine.

The convention began on March 12th, with a big banquet that the members of NHS had the possibility to know the students from other high schools. During the dinner, Mr. Robert Shetterly, the author of “People who tell the truth,” had a speech about his passion for painting, showing to the public some of his creations. After his speech, the participants to the banquet were dancing and having fun.

The conference began on the second day. The president of the NHS, Sam Bacon, welcomed everybody to the convention and presented the first speaker. Dr. John Mahon, Dean of Business, Public Policy and Health, impressed the public through his speech. He was talking about the importance of young generation in giving hope to the people in need. The next step at the convention was giving certificates to all the high schools for their contribution in helping the community. After that, one representative from 5 schools had their speeches running for the president of NHS. Hillary Dolloff, who is a junior, represented our high school. Her speech was about the importance of leadership in achieving a goal. After all the speeches were presented, the public had voted. The results were announced at the end of the convention. In a few minutes after the public had voted, the MNHS Officers received certificates for being involved in the community’s life, and organizing and coordinating the convention.

Mr. Steven Rowe, the Former Maine Attorney General, encouraged through his speech to “be proud of who you are.” He said that it’s normal everybody to be different, because each of us is a special personality. His words “Let’s be sure that everyone has a hope,” convinced the public that it’s important to help each other and give a hope because you never know when you’ll need help, as well. The next activity was a regional meeting with Mountain Valley, Telstar and Dirigo High School. Here were named the officers for the regional organization. Kelsey Arsenault was named vice-president and McKenzie Kaubris – the president for the regional NHS, both students at Mountain Valley High School.

Mr. Larry Adrian, doctor at ME Heart Surgical Association, began his speech with a slideshow about the social problems from Africa, focusing especially on his experience lived in Tanzania. He told us about the social problems, which African society live. He wanted to prove through these things that there are always thousands of people in need all around the world, and that NHS members can focus on these people from Tanzania, too. They need financial support, health care and education.
Make-A-Wish foundation members spoke about some of their achievements from the last year. Also, a family, whose wish became true, spoke about how Make-A-Wish foundation helped their dream to come true. The last part of the convention was the induction, announcing the new officers of MNHS.

I think that the National Honors Society Convention was a success. There were great speakers who could convince you that it’s important to take care of the people from around and give them hope. These community activities are important for the society where we live, because we help our friends, we help our society, we help out country to develop. Showing our civic participation in daily problems will help the society to have a hope in their future. We are the generation who can make a difference, a change in our country. We are the power!

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