Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Constructive Seminar about Leadership

Last week I had a wonderful trip to Nashville, Tennessee, where I participated in a seminar. It was about leadership. The seminar was organized by Mr. John Wright, an expert in team building and leadership. During the seminar, he taught us about the qualities of a good leader, what are the differences between a manager and a leader. Another important issue taught was about how to set a goal and how to make it to be done. The seminar was very constructive. The students participated actively during the seminar and each one showed his abilities of a good leader. At the end of it, all the participants received a diploma, during a graduation ceremony.

At this seminar participated fourteen exchange students from different countries like: Russia, Ukraine, of course Moldova and other Former Soviet countries. We made a lot of friends and enjoyed to spend time together, knowing each other. At the same time, we’ve learned more about our countries, cultures, we had an exchange of ideas and thoughts. During the seminar, we had the possibility to express ourselves freely, pointing our future goals and writing down the steps which should follow in order to achieve it.

This seminar was instructive and very useful for me because I learned how to be a better leader, how to achieve my goals and how to communicate better. I think that participating at different trainings is important because you meet new people, you learn about how to live a better life, you discover the world, and just have fun.

I was really surprised to hear another accent, a different one than in Maine. So, the Southern accent was kind of difficult for me to understand because I am used to Maine accent. But it was OK, even if I had to ask sometimes again what some people were saying. This experience was a pretty interesting one, because I just couldn’t imagine how a Southern accent would sound like. During the days I was staying in Nashville, it was snowing for the first time this year and the people were very happy and amazed in the same time.

The whole experience from Tennessee was very good. In other words, I learned a lot of things, I met new people, I developed some of my skills and I became better!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the blog Valeri. I work in the San Diego office of PIE and I enjoy your stories very much!