Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why are the college years special to me?

The college years are definitely the best time in a person's life. I personally strongly agree with this statement, because I am a college student now. I really like my college years more than my high school years. There are two major reasons for that.

The professional reasons are among the most important factors. While in college, a student studies what he is mostly interested in and isn't forced to learn all the subjects he doesn’t like. At the same time, he will meet other students who are interested in the same topics based on what they are majoring in. Having colleagues to talk with on the same subjects helps him to better understand the area he’s focusing into. The professors are specialized people who can provide an efficient feedback on the facts in which the student is mostly interested.

The other reason is the personal feature. While being in college, the student is already mature enough to be independent. He is supposed to take decisions by himself without being forced to accept an outside influence. He becomes more flexible with his schedule and he can organize his time. Living on campus can definitely mean a significant life experience to the student. In the dorm he will be forced to take care of himself from all points of view: to cook, to do his own laundry, to budget his money and others. One thing that makes the college student life even more interesting and pleasant is the possibility to have fun with your colleagues or even your room mates without your family or relatives knowing what you’re exactly doing every single moment. You can go clubbing, you may not sleep nights due to the large amount of work you have to do for school or just because you chilled out with your friends. Also, you may find your great love! Who knows?!

The college life is unique and the moments the student experiences will be remembered for the rest of his life. Nothing can be compared to the freedom and responsibilities you have when you’re a college student!


Aurora Orsini said...

Yeah, most memorable moments happen during the college years. The mix of freedom, challenges, and new experiences makes this time of the life most enjoyable. It is also the time when we discovered a lot about ourselves. Love, drama, and tears, three cheers for the college years!

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