Saturday, August 27, 2011

Republic of Moldova today – 20 years of independence from the Soviet Union

20 years ago, on August 27, the Republic of Moldova proclaimed its independence from the Soviet Union. It was a great event, the Moldovans gaining their freedom after 51 years under a communist regime.

Today, the Republic of Moldova , sandwiched between Romania, a European Union member state and Ukraine, a former Soviet Republic, celebrates the Independence Day. The Moldovans have different opinions about today’s Republic, some regretting the dissolution of the USSR, while others hope for an European integration.

Mrs. Eugenia Pintea, 50, thinks that 20 years it’s a quite short period of time to switch from one regime to another. She blames the Communist regime which was established from 1991 until 2009 for failures in achieving a better life in the country. However, she is pleased to live in a free state now. „I am personally delighted to live in an independent country where everyone can freely express their opinion.” She explains that there are still so many things to be done and she’s optimistic about Moldova’s future. „I am waiting for victory, democracy and a greater approach towards the European Union because that’s our place, that’s where we’re supposed to be,” says Mrs. Pintea.

Mrs. Angela Ciobanas has a different opinion. She believes that 20 years of independence mean 20 years of instability. „We don’t have a president now. We don’t have justice and a well-developed economy. We can travel to other countries only if we have enough financial resources to get a visa,” says Ciobanas. She states that in a country with injustice, there is nobody to complain to.

The younger generation has a different perspective and sees the collapse of the Soviet Union as a step forward towards a better life. Although some of them didn’t get the taste of the Sovietic times, some believe that Moldova is aiming at the right direction. „20 years of independence of my country means a well defined political, economic and social structure, freed from the Soviet occupation,” says Valeria Trinca, a 19 years old student.

Moldova has been congratulated for its independence by the United States of America. „On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I am delighted to congratulate the people of Moldova as you celebrate the 20th anniversary of your independence this August 27,” says Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State. She added that the USA “isa strong supporter of Moldova’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and we will continue to support you as you work towards becoming a free and prosperous part of the European community,” said Mrs. Clinton in a press statement.

On August 27, 1991, Moldova signed the Declaration of Independence and became a republic, known today as the Republic of Moldova.

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