Friday, September 23, 2011

Facebook generation - what's next?

Can we name it the “era of Facebook’? Almost everyone today has an account on the greatest social media website – FACEBOOK. Although it changes its Face every other month, millions of users continue to use it as the best mean of communication and socialization. Photos, comments, statuses, ‘likes’, friends, events, groups – we LIKE them all.

We don’t quite realize that while we intensively socialize, someone earns thousands of dollars every day. How come? Well, the ads cost money. They appear on the right side of our page and are programmed in a way which monitors our daily activity and provide us the ads which might interest us the most.

A few days ago, Google Plus, a new social media platform, opened its doors to all the “WWW-inhabitants”. Now we are going to see who’s going to be the best and earn the most. The competition leads to efficiency and excellence.

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