Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life is to love and be happy!

There are moments in life when we suffer, when we want to be alone and no one to bother us. It’s the human nature. You approach the window and look in vain. You see nothing.

Every day brings us something new, a new life story, a new beginning. It is our duty do not let it pass by, otherwise the chance that pops up to us might be caught by somebody else. Even if our mind is puzzled, we have to go forward and try to smile, because life is beautiful. There are tough moments in life, of course, but we were designed by God to learn to overcome them.

We should not forget that there are people who care and want us to be happy. If we love them too, why should we disappoint them? There are things that are useless and need no time to get angry about. Life is too short to be upset and to hate. Life is to be happy, to live and love!

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Anonymous said...


There is so much beauty in this world. There is even beauty in pain because it makes the goodness in our lives even better. It gives us a comparison to the happiness, which makes us appreciate it. Life has pain so we can feel love.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you think in this way and I can see you are better.:)I'm pround of you.