Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moldova has a new leading coalition

A ruling coalition was formed in Moldova today. After almost three weeks of daily negociations between the center-righted parties who won the elections, the citizens of Moldova will be complimented on New Year's Eve by the president of the Parliament - Marian Lupu, the leader of Democratic Party. The Alliance for European Intergration 2 (AIE-2) was rebuilt and the coalition hopes that this political alliance will survive for the next four years. The Treaty of the Alliance was signed today by the Liberal Party, Democratic Party, and Liberal-Democratic Party.

The Communist Party is in the opposition for the second time in Moldova's history since its independence. AIE-2 cannot guarantee that a president will be elected. It might happen the same play that has happened during last year, when the Moldovans didn't have a president because of only one vote!

The Alliance for European Integration 2 doesn't have enough deputies in the new parliament in order to choose the president. The Communist Party will have to vote the Alliance's candidate, otherwise a political instability for one more year will be ensured in Moldova, and the citizens will have re-elections for the third time in a row.

The Moldovans have a New Year present - being sure that there will be a parliament and a government for at least one year (2011).

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