Thursday, September 30, 2010

Modern houses in the big cities of Moldova

In the previous article I have presented you how do the low class people live in Moldova. The country is not only like in the pictures presented. There are people that are rich and have beautiful houses. But not too many people are able to build a house like the one in the pictures while working in Moldova. Due to low salaries, the people have to work abroad, mostly in Russia, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. After they return home, many would start building a big house until all the money are gone and then return to the other countries to work again.

There are people, mostly politicians detain most of the factories. These turned into businesses, while the middle and low class inhabitants are struggling with finding a job with a minimum payment for survival.

These houses are more often built in the cities, where the quality of life is a lot better than in the villages or small towns. You can always see a big difference between a city and a village.

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