Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big flooding in Moldova and Romania

More than 1.000 people from over 300 households were evacuated in the last 24 hours as a result of the floods in Moldova. The rainfall has increased the water level in the Prut River, which divides Moldova by Romania. Three villages which are located across this river – Nemteni, Cotu Morii, and Macaresti were fully evacuated. The people will be hosted in the schools and kindergartens until the water will be gone.
Most of the houses affected by the floods have crumbled. The people lost most of their goods: food, clothes, furniture, documents, and the animals were drowned.

In Romania, the weather is being more severe and the situation is critical. The Danube River exceeded the water limit. According to the latest information available, more than 12.000 people were evacuated, 24 people died, over 5.000 households flooded, many of the houses crumbling. Some main roads are closed at the moment. A bigger quantity of heavy rain is expected to fall in the next 12 hours in 11 North and Northeastern counties of Romania.

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