Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Obama's First 100 days of administration

Last week, the American President Barack Obama, counted 100 days of his administration. I have been watching all his activities from the beginnings until now. I think that he did well during all this period of time. After he was elected, the president respected most of his promises. He began working on economy, which has been having problems this year. It was hard for him to face with this issue because the United States economy needed and still needs a lot of investments in order to be saved. He showed patience and ability to solve the problems, he stood still even if there were things that troubled him. Even from the beginning of his presidential mandate, he got involved in the country's problems. At the same time, he tried to extend and improve the foreign relations. During G20 summit, Barack Obama (re)built the US image on an international range.

We can see that many of his promises have been realized. Some people think that he did not achieve too much during these 100 days, but I think that he did, because he was mostly concerned about the economy and could stop it from going worse. As Obama said in his "First 100 days" conference, he is "pleased, but not satisfied" by the things that he achieved so far. He believes that there have to be done a lot of other things and that he is working on them with his team.

I think that the American President is an example for other countries. He treats each problem with patience and understands the issues very well. I like his attitude about informing the people through organizing press conferences almost every day. In this way, he informs the population about his achievements and the problems he faces. I appreciate his way of speaking with people and treating them. He tries to understand everybody's wish and to achieve it, even if there are some issues that he has a different point of view. Obama keeps a real democracy in USA. Now, from when the swine flu virus appeared in the USA, he makes the people understand that it represents a risk, but the people should not panic. His concern about the nation is a normal attitude which is expected from every president, but not all of them show it. The freedom of press is respected in the United States and the freedom of speech is assured, while in Moldova there are a lot of issues like this. The American people should appreciate his work and be thankful that their president cares about the nation and does its interests.

I think that Obama, in order to achieve as much as possible during his administration, he should have the nation's support, patience, and help. Only all together can make a big difference in US.

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