Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter celebrated with more attention in Moldova than in the USA

One of the most important holidays of the year in Moldova is considered Easter, of course, the first one being Christmas. Because most of the people from my country are Christians of religion, we celebrate these holidays very specially. According to our Gregorian calendar, the Easter is celebrated this year on April 19. The date varies every year, and this depends on two factors: the spring equinox and the date when the moon is full. Actually, this is a complex process of defining the date for the Easter.

In Moldova, the people celebrate Easter differently than they do here. Everybody is waiting for the Easter Bunny, the rabbit which brings the basket filled with colored eggs. The little kids can find there different candies. This is characteristic for USA, but not for Moldova. Generally, in Europe, Easter is mostly a religious holiday. Its atmosphere starts on Monday – a week before the day when it’s supposed to be Easter. The whole week, which brings us to the holiday, is called “The Great Week,” where every day is a special one, the people trying to pray every day and be more spiritual. It’s important to become better, especially on this week. Most of the families go to church for the special service every day. It begins to run non-stop from Friday. It’s important that at least one member of the family to assist the service on the Easter night, where you are supposed to come to church around 11 PM and stay until morning. Some priests from our churches go to Jerusalem every year in order to bring the Holy Light. In this way, the Holy Light arrives to all the people. Some of them try to keep the Light until the next Easter. After everybody gets the Holy Light, the Christians go around the church three times saying “Christ is risen from the dead, / Trampling down death by death, / And upon those in the tombs/ Bestowing life!”

All the women cook the meals for Easter two days before it. Also, they cook the basic symbol of the holiday which is called “Pasca” (Easter cake). It consists of nice made twisted bread with cottage cheese in the middle. Also, they color the eggs in red which symbolize the blood Jesus lost for the people when he died. The Easter cake, the eggs and little pieces of each kind of food which will be served on Easter table will go to church, in order to be hallowed. At the same time, the Christians will give a little part of their Easter goods to the church, which will be donated to the people in need. After the service is over, all the people go home to say another pray, and sit at the table with the whole family. Usually, the children wash their face with the water where some colored eggs are, in order to be healthy and blessed.

Easter is an important holiday for my country. It’s also a possibility to get the whole family together. I always liked this holiday because it made me feel very good having everybody close to me and to my soul.

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