Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party

It is really interesting to experience new things all the time. My exchange of experience allows me to do that. Celebrating new holidays that you don’t have in your country it is really interesting. One of them was Halloween. It was my first time when I celebrated Halloween, but I heard a lot of things about it.
Last week my host family organized for me a Halloween party. We invited other exchange students from Maine State and some of my friends from Mountain Valley High School. All the week I decorated the house with lots of things. Also, I cut some pumpkins in order to make the holiday a real one. It was really fun.
Finally, came the day for the party. Everything was ready. It was six o’clock when everyone was to my house. Each of us had a costume. I was a detective, but others - ghosts, devil, mouse and panda. It was really fun because I haven’t seen this before. We made a costume parade where each of us presented his costume. After this the winner was announced. The ghost won the contest. After this event he had a lot of fun activities as dances, playing games, small contests and others. The party finished almost at 11 o’clock.
I felt very good during this party because I had a lot of fun and everything was just awesome. I am sure that I will have a lot of recalls after years because I celebrated a scaring American holiday. Watching scaring movies is a way to understand better this holiday. I know many of my friends from my country (Moldova) that are interested in Halloween and they would like to celebrate it. Now, I can share my experience with them. I think that these differences of holidays, the ways how do Americans celebrate them makes me to understand better American life and culture. Here I learn every day something new, something useful for developing my personality though working in a group, taking decisions by myself, learning a foreign language, celebrating foreign holidays. At the same time the experience allows me to see the world in the same way as it is. When you try new things you discover your abilities of doing them and at the same time you discover yourself. The most important thing is that you learn, grow and develop between two different countries. This allows you to have a correct and better attitude about the world.

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