Saturday, December 17, 2011

Interships Have Become a Popular Way to Find the Dream Job

Many multinational companies and "think tanks" are now offering internships within their institutions. It is a perfect way for the students to gain experience while still attending the university. They can mix the theoretical knowledge with the practical approach in a comprehensive manner. An internship can be from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, though the time is determined on both the company and the student's abilities to please their potential employer.

These internships can be paid or unpaid. Frankly, most of the companies prefer to tell the students that they’re not going to pay a dime for the work they do. It’s a way of cutting costs, lessening the employees’ responsibilities and taking full advantage of an unpaid human resource in a perfectly legal manner. This is a win-win situation only if the intern actually learns something through training, workshops and practical work the business gives them to do. Unfortunately, many students are improperly used and waste their time and resources while doing nothing more than photocopying papers and making coffee.

The length of the internship should be approached to the needs of the applicant and the field he/she works in. It’s illogical to spend only a couple of days in a department, because one cannot fully understand the tasks the bureau has to deal with in such a short amount of time. Some colleges don’t quite grasp the concept that it takes a typical student more than a few days to thoroughly learn what is expected of them. The universities often require their students at the end of the year to do only a two-week internship. Sometimes it is even difficult to find a company to do your internship. The competition is quite high considering the fact that the unemployment rate is growing from year-to-year in most of the countries of the world. Most students are hoping to be hired after doing the internship, being the only solution to find a job during an economic crisis. The success of each applicant depends on how skillful he/she is, what theoretical background they may or may not have and what previous experience they possess.

So I ask you... Are the internships programs the ideal way for grabbing a well-paid job during a recession period?

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