Friday, November 19, 2010

Moldova has the choice: go to the future or go back to the past

Moldova is getting closer to the new presidential elections that will be held on November 28. After the failure of the Alliance for European Integration to elect the president, the Moldovans are called again to the polls.

According to a recent survey, the Liberal-Democratic Party could win the elections. On the second place could be the Communist Party, followed by the Democratic Party, and Liberal Party. It’s uncertain who might win the elections, because a few days ago, another survey revealed that the Communist Party could win the elections and be able to elect the president, Moldova being a parliamentary democracy.

The referendum held on September 5 in Moldova was a failure, because only 30 percent of the people voted. It did not meet the necessary amount of votes in order to be considered valid.

The Moldovan students who study in Romania are urging everyone to vote on November 28. They are afraid of a new communist governance. The students got the right to have free transportation throughout Romania during the day of elections in order to be able to go to one of eight polling sections that will be opened in Romania.
Hoping that Moldova will have a pro-Western governance, the teenagers are looking forward to that day!

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