Sunday, September 5, 2010

The latest on the Constitutional Referendum in Moldova

The Moldovan citizens are being asked to vote in the Constitutional Referendum today. They will have to vote FOR or AGAINST of electing the president by the population. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration from Moldova announces that there are 79 voting sections opened abroad.

In the United States, the Moldovan citizens vote in:

- New York City, New York, 35 East, 29th Street;

- Washington, DC, 2101 S Street, N.W

- Hickory, North Carolina, 1117 Second st NE.

- Sacramento, California, 2999 Fulton Avenue.

Every voting section from around the world is opened from 7 AM until 9 PM the local time.

UPDATE 23:27 PM Accordint to the preliminary results, 29,67% of the Moldovans have voted at the referendum today. New results will be coming soon.

UPDATE 23:05 PM The polling sections are still opened in the United States of America and Canada.

UPDATE 21:10 PM Over 89% of the people voted FOR and 11% of the people voted AGAINST electing the president by the population, according to an Exit-Poll made by IRES, for PublikaTV.

UPDATE 21:00 PM The polling sections from Moldova are closed at this time.

UPDATE 19:27 PM The polling section from Mestre, Italy was opened an hour and 15 minutes later, a Promo-Lex press release informs.

UPDATE 19:13 PM According to the Central Election Commission, 22,78% of the Moldovans have voted by 18:00 PM

UPDATE 18:00 PM Almost 37% of the Moldovans who reside in other countries have voted by this time.

UPDATE 17:57 PM Nineteen Moldovans have voted in Toronto, Canada by this time. Accroding to Carolina Popovici, the president of the voting section in Toronto, there are 121 Moldovans on the main electoral lists.

UPDATE 17:45 PM In Montreal, Canada, the voting process is going well. By 10:35 AM (Local Time), 78 people have voted. According to Angela Corcodel, the secretary of the voting section in Montreal, the first Moldovan citizens came around 7:15 AM to vote. At this time, there is a small line of people. More than 1000 Moldovans are officially registered as residing in Montreal.

UPDATE 17:18 PM According to the president of the voting section in Hickory, North Carolina, Carina Blanovschi, 26 Moldovan citizens have voted by 10:15 AM (Local Time). There are 487 people registered on the electoral lists. Blanovschi says that most of the people vote on the additional lists. "The people come organized in small groups. No contraventions were registered," Carina Blanovschi said.

UPDATE 17:00 PM At this time, the voting section from Sacramento, California was opened.

UPDATE 16:55 PM By 9:55 AM (Eastern Time), at the voting section from New York City, New York have voted nine Moldovan citizens. According to Gheorghe Leuca, the president of the voting section in New York City, 1061 citizens are expected to vote here, based on the electoral lists.

UPDATE 16:40 PM By 9:30 AM (Eastern Time), at the Moldovan Embassy in Washington, DC, USA have voted around 20 people. According to sources, there are expected to vote around 200 people at this voting section.

UPDATE 16:19 PM By 16:00 PM, 17,15% of the Moldovan citizens have voted.

UPDATE 15:55 PM The former president of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin is boycotting the referendum.

UPDATE 15:22 PM The Electronic System was blocked for a couple of hours. The Central Electoral Commission gave wrong information to the journalists. They say it is working properly at the moment.

UPDATE 15:10 PM A member of Miscarea Actiunea Europeana Party was stopped at the border between Moldova and the breakaway region of Transdniestr, being expelled from the "country". The politician was on his way to a voting section from Transdniestr. Alexandru Gorgan refused to leave the Transdniestrian area. He is asking for international assistance to defend his rights.

UPDATE 14:48 PM (GMT+2) By 12:45 PM, 10,38% of the Moldovan citizens voted at the referendum, the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) announces.

UPDATE 3 Over 300 people have blocked the access in the voting section from Corjova (Transdniester Region), ProTV Chisinau informs.

UPDATE 2 According to PublikaTV, the people from Corjova will be able to vote in the nearest towns.

UPDATE 1 The voting section from Corjova, Dubasari county (Transdniester Region) was blocked by the local policemen, JurnalTV informs.

This is a developing story. More updates about the referendum in Moldova will be provided during the day as soon as they are available.

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