Thursday, March 18, 2010

Foreign universities tender in Iasi, Romania

ROMANIAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FAIR – RIUF is the biggest education event in Romania. Every year, more than 100 universities and colleges from 20 different countries come to Romania to present their options to the interested students.
The event took place in the Romania’s capital Bucharest on the 13-14th of March. On the 16th of March, the staff from the foreign universities were in Timishoara city, and today there are in the city of Iashi. Hundreads of high school students and university students have came since the oppening of the event, from 10 AM.
Most of the students are looking for a scholarship, that’s because the tuition fees are way too expensive for them. Anyways, the students seemed to be interested and they asked for some contact information from the stuff.
There are two universities from Denmark, eight from France, two from Germany, one from Italy, Switzerland, and The Netherlands, four from UK, and five others from Romania.

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Ashley said...

This is good! I am very happy to hear about this!