Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moldova is voting again!

After the presidential elections on April 5, the failure brought reelections in Moldova. On July 29, the people are invited to vote again. The electoral process started early in the morning at 7 AM and it will be closed at 9 PM. There are expected 2.605.879 people to come and vote. Many people who study or work abroad aren't pleased of the way the elections are organized. In some countries, such as Spain, the Moldovans cannot vote because the Moldovan authorities didn't open the necessary sections for voting.

There are only eight parties on the ballot. It is the first time in Moldova's history when there are not so many candidates, no one being independent (only patries). If there will be registered at least 33 percent of people who voted, the elections will be considered validated.

July 31, 2009

UPDATE 4:07 PM 100% of votes have been counted. The final results are the following: PCRM - 44,7% of votes, PLDM - 16,6%, PL - 14,7% of votes, PD - 12,5% of votes, AMN - 7,3% of votes. These results are preliminary, according to the Central Election Commision (CEC).

UPDATE 3:35 PM The leader of Democrat Party (PD) Marian Lupu, said that he is willing to make a coalition with PL, PLDM and AMN parties in order to form the new government, but he also wants to negotiate with the Communists about choosing the president.

July 30, 2009

UPDATE 12:48 PM In Bologna, Italy, have voted 3642 people. The most votes got PL and PLDM.

UPDATE 12:24 PM Vladimir Voronin says: "I regret that I proposed Marian Lupu as the President of the Parliament for years ago".

UPDATE 12:10 PM The total (100%) votes will be processed by tomorrow, when the voting sections from abroad will present their results.

UPDATE 10:33 AM The next official conference at the Central Electoral Commision will be tomorrow.

UPDATE 10:13 AM According to the Central Electoral Commision, the preliminary total results are the following: PCRM - 45,1% of votes, PLDM - 16,4% of votes, PL - 14,4% of votes, PD - 12,6% of votes, AMN - 7,4% of votes. There are three more voting sections which have to present the raports.

UPDATE 9:08 AM The final results will be around 10 AM - Moldova's time.

UPDATE 8:30 AM 98% of votes have been counted. The results are the following: PCRM - 45,1%, PLDM - 16,4%, PL - 14,4%, PDM - 12,6% ┼či AMN - 7,4%.

UPDATE 1:48 AM 50% of votes have been counted. The results are the following: PCRM - 48%, PLDM - 15,1%, PDM - 13%, PL - 12,1%, AMN - 7,3%.

UPDATE 1:45 AM By 2 AM, there are expected to be counted a half of the whole votes.

UPDATE 1:43 AM At 5 AM Moldova's time, the last voting sections in Washington DC and the one in New York will be closed.

UPDATE 1:40 AM At this time, the results are the following: PCRM - 47,9%, PLDM - 14,8%, PDM - 15,1%, PL - 12,2%, AMN - 7,3%.

UPDATE 1:24 AM By this time, the results are the following: PCRM - 48%, PLDM - 14,8%, PDM - 13,1%, PL - 12,1%, AMN - 7,3%.

UPDATE 1:07 AM By this time, there have been found 269.273 unvalid ballots.

UPDATE 00:55 AM 32,5% of votes have been counted. The reseults are the following: PCRM (Communists Party) - 48,6%, PLDM - 14,7%, PDM - 13,2%, PL - 11,6%, AMN - 7,2%.

UPDATE 00:30 AM A quarter of votes have been counted. The results look like this: PCRM - 49,9%, PLDM - 14,1%, PDM - 12,9%, PL - 10,9%, AMN - 7,4%.

UPDATE 00:23 AM 21,6 of votes have been counted by this time. The results are the following: PCRM - 50,6%, PDM - 13%, PLDM - 14,1%, PL - 10,4%, AMN - 7,4%.

UPDATE 11:59 PM 12,3% of votes have been counted. The results so far are the following: PCRM - 53,4%, PDM - 12,8%, PLDM - 13,2%, PL - 9%, AMN - 7%.

UPDATE 11:21 PM The first 4% of the votes were counted. The results are the following: PCRM - 58,2% , PLDM - 12,1% , PL - 7,3% , PD -12,8% , AMN - 5,7%, according to UNIMEDIA.

UPDATE 11:00 PM The final results of the exit poll show the following results: the Communists Party (PCRM) has 40,5% of votes, PLDM - 17,6% of votes, the Liberal Party (PL) - 16,5% of votes, the Democrat Party (PD) - 12,8% of votes, AMN - 8% of votes.

UPDATE 9:30 PM According to the exit poll, the Communists Party (PCRM) has 41% of votes, PLDM - 17% of votes, the Liberal Party (PL) - 16% of votes, the Democrat Party (PD) - 12,5% of votes, AMN - 8,1% of votes.

UPDATE 9:00 PM The elections sections from Moldova are closed at this time.

UPDATE 6:48 PM More updates with new information will be available after 9 PM Moldova's time (2 PM - Eastern Time) when the voting process will be stopped. Please come back at that time for more updates. Thank you.

UPDATE 6:45 PM The victim which was wounded in Singera is the son of the vice-mayor of the town, UNIMEDIA says.

UPDATE 6:32 PM AMN party says that people from communists party shot, a few hours ago, some representatives from AMN. Jurnal de Chisinau says that there are some victims.

UPDATE 6:12 PM The most active Moldovan citizens who vote abroad are from Moskow, Russia, and Bucharest, Romania.

UPDATE 6:08 PM A man from Cimislia district found himself 52 times on the electoral lists, ProTV Chisinau says.

UPDATE 5:54 PM Tens of foreign journalists are intimidated and others aren't allowed to get in the country to report about the elections.

UPDATE 5:49 PM By this time, more than 1 million of citizens voted (40,1%)

UPDATE 5:21 PM All the parties which are running for the presidency today, had spent more than 16 million of lei ($1428201) during the campaign.

UPDATE 4:47 PM By 3:45 PM the turnout around the country was 34,4 %.

UPDATE 4:36 PM More than 33 percent of the people with the right to vote participated today (by 3:15 PM) in the electoral process. The elections can be oficially declared validated. The best turnout is registered in Basarabeasca district with 54,5 % and the lowest in Straseni district with 35,1 %.

UPDATE 4:23 PM A woman from Balti city found on the list that she has already voted, but she actually didn't. She discovered that there was written another serial ID and someone else signed the paper instead of her.

UPDATE 4:12 PM The voting section from Corjova village is still blocked, according to Jurnal de Chisinau.

UPDATE 3:40 PM There are only 200 exit polls at the voting sections around the country. The information collected will be provided right after the closing time.

UPDATE 3:12 PM There have been found the names of some dead people on the lists and others who don't live since a long time ago on that addresses, ProTV Chisinau says.

UPDATE 2:43 PM Over 712 Moldovan citizens voted by 12 PM in Bologna, Italy.

UPDATE 2:39 PM The observers of Coalition 2009 identified inaccurate registers of voters, Info Prim Neo Agency says.

UPDATE 2:15 PM The first official results of the elections will be presented after 11 PM (Moldova's time).

UPDATE 2:01 PM The international observators who have to supervise the elections are expelled from Moldova.

UPDATE 1:44 PM The AMN observers told Jurnal de Chisinau that there are some communist agitators around the voting section #40 in Soroca who invite the people to serve alcoholic beverages and vote for the communists.

UPDATE 1:35 PM The Moldovans from USA will be able to vote in New York and in Washingon DC at 7 AM (EST) (2 PM - Moldova's time)

UPDATE 1:32 PM Buses with students who were going to the capital to vote were stopped by the police and took their IDs. This happened on the way from Orhei to Chisinau.

UPDATE 1:25 PM By 1 PM, the turnout is about 30%.

UPDATE 1:20 PM By this time, the highest rate of people who voted is registered in Donduseni district, and the lowest in the capital - Chisinau.


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It makes me want to there and shoot all the mother f**** communists!!!

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I am SO glad that you are keeping such close tabs on Moldova's elections.

Hearing examples of the frauds at polling places is infuriating. What can citizens do to help combat those problems??