Sunday, September 7, 2008

Studiaza gratis in SUA prin programul FLEX

American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS announces the 2009-10 FLEX Program for high school students. This is a US Government sponsored program which offers the opportunity to spend one academic year in the US studying in an American high school and living with an American host family. Recipients of FLEX scholarships are selected by an independent panel of experienced educators in the United States on the basis of merit demonstrated in application materials.

The competition is open to all interested students who meet the following criteria:

- Are 9-th, 10-th and 11-th* graders born between January 1, 1992 – July 15, 1994;

- Are citizens of Moldova;

- Are in good academic standing (at least 8,00 point average);

- Have previously studied English and demonstrate English language ability at the time of registration;

- Have not lived in the United States for more than three months in the last five years;

- Meet the requirements for receiving and maintaining a US visa;

- Meet the requirements for receiving a Moldovan passport.

* The Ministry of Education of Moldova requires that FLEX finalists returning from the program year in the U.S. complete the 12th form in Moldova.

To participate in the first round of the competition all eligible candidates have to come to a test center with the following items:

- Original birth certificate;

- One 4x5 recent photograph;

- A pencil and a pen.

Testing will take place in the following centers:


17 September, 10:00

Lyceum „C. Stere”, 26 Limba Romana str.


22 September, 10:00

Lyceum „V. Alecsandri”, 13 Nationala str.


24 September, 10:00

Scoala Nr. 3, 33 Caragiale str.


29 September, 10:00

Lyceum „G. Cosbuc”, 3 Larisa Bld.

Anenii Noi

16 October, 10:00

Lyceum „Hyperion”, 5 Piaţa 31 August 1989


11 October, 8:30

* To be tested in Chisinau all eligible students have to register at the American Councils office between October 2-10, 2008. In order to register the candidates need to bring the original birth certificate and a 4x5 recent photograph.

Student with disabilities who are currently studying in the 9th,10th, 11th or 12th grade and were born between 15 March 1991 and 15 July 1994 are encouraged to participate in the competition.

This program offers an equal opportunity to all applicants and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, or disability.

Contact information:

American Councils for International Education: ACTR-ACCELS

37 B Tricolorului Str., Chisinau, Moldova 2012

Phone: 225860 Email:

Irina Nicorici
FLEX Program Coordinator
American Councils for International Education
37B Tricolorului St.
Chisinau, Moldova MD2012
Tel: 37322 225860; 270766
Fax: 37322 211253


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